Meet Gloria of SheWines - Wine Accessories Store

Gloria Cid-Stitt, owner and founder of She Wines, an e-retail shop based in New York City. She was born in NY, her mother in Cuba, and her maternal grandmother and great grandmother in Spain. Her great grandmother was born in a small town called Nalda which is in the Rioja. Rioja is considered one of the world's best wine regions. Spain has a very vast topography from very arid to lush regions almost like Ireland and Scotland. That's why the country is so rich in variety. There is soil for every wine! ⁠

From a Latina blood, who experienced the best growing up and spending time in Spain during vacation, she has learned to enjoy the simple things, food, wine, music, and the company of family. ⁠

With these experiences, she explores the world of entrepreneurship, particularly in wine accessories. According to her, women love wine and if you pay close attention to how wine is used in ads or movies, tv shows; usually a woman is enjoying it as part of her "me time". You never see her opening or struggling with opening the bottle, when you do, it's usually opened by someone else. Her goal with She Wines is to provide the accessories to let her take charge of the total experience including uncorking her favorite bottle!⁠

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